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Why Global Compliance Software needed?

Risk & Compliance Officers globally are putting 1000’s of man-hours to collate global regulatory intelligence relevant to their business and even more time to track changes without a dedicated research team experienced in the global regulatory framework; thus increasing costs of compliance and risks of non-compliance.

The Global Compliance Management Software:


Lawrbit offers RegTech and Lextech solutions for Corporates and Compliance, Audit and Legal Professionals globally.  Our portfolio consists of the following:


Offers an integrated framework for Large, Medium & Small Enterprises to manage Regulatory and Legal Risks through a Centralised framework, enabling businesses to efficiently Manage Cross geography, functional and industry mandates.


Solutions for Consulting Firms of any size and nature to manage their Regulatory Compliance & Audit Services across jurisdictions through an integrated framework; increasing effectiveness and efficiencies of service team while being more transparent on deliveries.

Lawrbit Global regulatory intelligence is created and continuously updated with regulatory changes through collaborative input of 1000s of legal experts from 100+ law firms across 80+ countries.

Lawrbit provides a centralized repository of all required regulatory know-how that can be commonly accessed by Compliance Officers, Functional Users, Management, Board of Directors and Auditors.

Lawrbit’s e-library cuts across jurisdictions, domains, and areas of laws. With our ever-evolving library, we strive to provide coverage of all laws, regulations in practice.

Processes and technology have been designed to ensure the client gets a customized library of laws applicable to its business. Wherever Regulatory Intelligence doesn’t cover laws available on the client’s businessFeature Articles, the legal research team works with client and law firm partners to produce the same within agreed timelines.